SMJ Performing Arts

Ballet  I  Jazz  I  Contemporary I  Hip Hop  I  Tap  I  Musical Theatre / Acro


SMJ Performing Arts is a studio dedicated to a quality dance and performance education. Classes are designed to offer different disciplines at a variety of levels to provide something for any interested students, including adults. It is our mission to provide a positive environment for all and push students to their highest of abilities.

We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Pilates classes. There are classes available for ages 2 to adult. 


About our classes:

The beginning/entry level dance program is for dancers with 0-2 years experience. They offer an excellent introduction to the discipline but also push the dancers. All of these groups will perform at recital.

Our intermediate classes are for the more seasoned dancer with a lot of drive for dance! This is where they start to be pushed harder and considered for competitions. Dancers in these classes will have fun learning more difficult techniques in dance and start to become solid dancers. It is expected the dancer is able to follow proper dance etiquette and discipline in class. These dancers will also be invited to compete and perform in recital.

Advanced classes are for dancers that have a good understanding of terminology and technique in multiple disciplines. These classes are designed to prepare the dancers for more in their own venture. They will be taught at a faster pace and be expected to keep up with class. These dancers will also be invited to compete and perform in the recital.

Classes for young children: Our twinkle toes and pre-ballet classes are designed so that any little one can join a new class. All young children learn and grow in different environments. We offer classes to accommodate the busy child that loves to move and interact to music. But we also offer classes for the shy, little ballerina that wants to be a princess. All of these groups will perform at recital.

Master Classes are workshops offered regularly in a variety of styles and with skilled professional dancers from all over the country. 

The most well rounded dancer is of course one that studies multiple disciplines. All dancers are highly encouraged to take ballet with any other class as it’s the most necessary piece of a dancer’s education. Dancers develop into well trained performers. Ballet gives them the tools needed to excel.