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Returning students – Class recommendations are in our system. This system enables us to create an environment in every class in which all dancers develop their skills while being appropriately challenged — and having fun! Give us a phone call and we’d love to assist in ensuring your dancer is in best-suited class.  Our studio places dancers together based on ability and skill level first and then age will also be considered where appropriate. 
New students ­- For dancers who come to us with experience at other studios or who have been absent from dance for some time, we need to ask a few questions and also evaluate your skill level and capabilities. Once we have done so, we will contact you with recommendations and/or a plan for placement. Each dancer and each situation is different, which is why we personalize our recommendations.
All students are eligible to sign up for age-appropriate beginner and intermediate level classes. Advanced classes are by placement only, please inquire via email with questions.
Class Placement + Personalized Recommendations
All class placements are based on experience, skill level and age. Proper class placements are extremely important, which is why we use our expertise and put energy into them for each and every one of our dancers, both new and returning.
Class schedules are subject to change.  Any class with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled. We may add classes and move students to different levels throughout the fall.  We want to make sure everyone is in the best class for them.
Tuition + Fees
Mandatory one time family registration of $30 due at time of first enrollment
Tuition is due by the 1st of each month and can be paid by check, cash, or credit card. 
All checks returned and/or AutoPay payments declined will be charged a $30 fee for NSF.
Tuition is monthly and not prorated for missed classes. Schedule is based on a 10-month calendar. Some months there are 5 classes some 4, tuition remains the same. Dancers are welcome to make up missed classes at equal level of ability.
SMJ Performing Arts requires a credit/debit card on file to secure any/all registrations/classes. To register at SMJ click “Register Now” on our website and follow prompts to create an online account. Customers will be required to enter credit card information and select “auto-pay” OR “no auto-pay”. Our system will not confirm registration without a card on file. Please see details below
AUTO PAY: If you select “auto-pay” your card will be charged on the 1st of the month consecutively through June 1st 2017, for the full balance due. As an alternative, to avoid your required card on file being charged on the 1st, select: No Auto Pay. 
NO AUTO PAY: Select "No auto pay" as you check out. Your registration will still be confirmed. We will accept cash/check payment in studio, due on or before the 1st. If full payment is not received by the 5th, the required card on file will be charged to include a $20 late fee. No exceptions will be made. 
Cancellation Policy: We require a 30 day written notice to drop any classes. Customers are responsible for their full tuition due until the 30 day period ends. Any emergency situation please contact Sarah directly: [email protected] 
Split accounts:  Please let us know if you have needs to split accounts between family members. We are happy to accommodate. 
Scholarship opportunities will be available this late fall 2016. We hope to provide an excellent arts education to each of our valued students. We are proud to offer you a professional staff and classes/programs to nurture all students at any age. In an effort to provide these opportunities and continue to grow, we have structured our fee policy to support a healthy dance and music educational experience.
Dress Code

Dancers must adhere to the published dress code with appropriate dancewear or they may be asked to sit and observe their class.   Hair must always be secured.  When unsecure, It is a distraction to your dancer, as well as to the class.  All dance clothing must be neat.  No underwear should show.  We recommend, as with swimsuits, underwear not be worn with leotards and tights. For detailed information, please check the dress code.

Good attendance is imperative to a dancer’s progress. Please leave a message at the studio if your dancer is going to be absent. Students will be allowed four make-up classes at or below their level. Students with inconsistent attendance may be dismissed from their class and/or moved to another class.
Trial Classes + Drop in Classes
New students are entitled to one FREE Trial Class. Contact SMJ in order to set up your trial date.
Existing students are welcome to take trial classes at the rate of $10 per class.  
 Drop in classes are available for $16 per class 
Drop Off
Parents are encouraged to drop off students during class. It is better for the student and the entire class. It is important for students to understand that when they enter the dance room, class time has begun.
Lobby Rules

SMJ Performing Arts expects all dancers and observers to conduct themselves in a manner respectful to others and to themselves at all times.
No rough-housing or loud voices are tolerated.
Parents, please pick your children up on time.
Students must wait inside the building to be picked up.
Please respect the classes in progress by keeping our small lobby as quiet and clean as possible.
Please do not interrupt the teacher while a class is in session.
Please supervise siblings at all times. All observers, regardless of age, are expected to meet these expectations.
A dancer’s focus should be on the instructor.  We encourage parents to drop off their children and return to pick up at the end of class time.
We are not responsible for unsupervised children.
Classroom Rules
No food or drinks are allowed in the dance studio. (water bottles are okay and recommended)
No gum in class or rehearsal.
NO STREET SHOES are allowed onto the Marley dance floors.   Dance shoes should NEVER be worn outside where dirt and rocks would be brought onto the Marley. Dance shoes are to be worn inside only! All tap shoes should be checked to see that loose screws are set so that our dance floor is not damaged.
Hair must be pulled back and out of your face. A bun is required for ballet.
The only jewelry permitted to be worn in the classroom are small earrings.
Cell phones must be turned off or on silent when a class is in session.
Dropped Classes
Dropped class requests must be submitted in writing (either via email or at the studio) 30 days prior to in order to withdraw from a class without being responsible for that months tuition. 
Inclement Weather Policy
The studio is subject to closure for snow or other inclement weather. Tuition will not be pro-rated for inclement weather, however, dancers are welcome to make up a class of their choosing of equal level of ability. Please don’t come to class if it is not safe for you to travel! *We often take guidance with Sherwood School District closures.  In the case of a weather related studio closure, notification via e-mail and social media will be made as soon as we know!