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With the trifecta of years in masterful experience, a loving nature, and personality that both leads and never loses touch with youth, Sarah Jakubowski is a one in a million find. I don’t say this often, but if I had children, she would be on a very short list of mentors I would send my kids to.

Benji Schwimmer

Season 2 Winner - So You Think You Can Dance

It's hard to put into words how much Sarah has impacted my life, not only as a dancer, but as an individual. Her positive and caring spirit was something that encouraged me throughout my high school years and pushed me to improve as a dancer. Being part of her team relit the passion that I had for dance. For Sarah, it was never about winning or being the best, but instead she always encouraged us to dance from the heart. However, she did push us to be the best that we could be as dancers and gave us the tools to improve our skills. Through Sarah's amazing technical training, choreography, experiences, and connections, I was able to not only improve as a dancer, but she also gave me the confidence to pursue dance in college. Without having her as my mentor and coach I don't think I would have had the confidence to chase my dreams. Sarah was truly a second Mom to me and an inspiration. It is obvious that she genuinely cares about our lives and wants what is best for us. Due to her positive influence on my life I now have the desire to coach high school dance team. I hope to someday have the same impact on other student’s lives as she had on mine.

Shyla Tollenaar

University of Oregon - Cheerleader